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Payneful Reads

Authors that sell Payneful things.

A Bit About Us

We are Paul and Megan Payne: two authors from Northern Utah that have a disdain for spiders and smug a capella groups, but love bread and other various carbohydrates. Our dreams began when we met in 2016, wrote our first book in 2017, got married and published said book in 2018, and began Payneful Reads in 2019. We are continuing to write a number of books and expand the number of products that we sell as our books become more popular. We seek to entertain and be funny little fetchers. Hopefully, we are doing an okay job, but we wouldn't be here without our readers. So, please join our small community, and expand your imagination with us. Oh, the places you'll go when you're high off your own inventions. Sit back, relax, and scroll through this website. There must be something interesting on here.

Two Paynes, Two Books
(For now that is)

Other Things We Sell Because We Can







Contact Us

We live in Ogden, Utah and are really bad about positing on our social media... Do what you will with that information.

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